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Bruschetta ala Francis

In between my business endeavors I love to eat, and eat well. After I made some Bruschetta one evening, in my haste I apparently did not distribute the ingredients evenly across the toast.

“Dad it’s not mixed right, this piece has more olives, this one too many shallots” 

 Well, you get the idea. Dad not being one to take criticism well, young Francis landed himself a new job as The Bruschetta Plater.  I also decided to make him mix the arugula salad as well.

Slow down on the grated Pecorino, boy!”. 

Bruschetta Puttanesca.

Our Recipe.

Basically the ingredients are those in a ‘”puttanesca” sauce.

  1. One large shallot diced.
  2. A dozen Kalamata olives chopped coarsely.two
  3. Two tablespoons of capers.
  4. One seeded Jalapeno pepper diced.
  5. Four anchovies chopped coarsely.
  6. One Tablespoon of lemon or lime juice.
  7. Three Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.
  8. Most importantly we love Campari tomatoes right from the vine. Dice about six tomatoes, remove the seeds and add to the mixing bowl and let sit for up to 20 minutes. This bowl stays at room temperature, please please please do not put that bowl in the refrigerator or it will be terrible. Tomatoes hate refrigerators and will ruin themselves if you chill them, spiteful little fruit they are.
  9. Then toast some Semolina bread slices, plate it evenly, and spoon the remaining olive oil and juice over the plate.

Pour yourself a nice glass of Cannonau and watch the Bruschetta disappear. Delicioso!

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