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Why Kechie’s Project?

December 4, 2012 1 comment

Why Kechie’s Project?


Kechie’s Project is a unique nonprofit organization specifically focused on empowering underprivileged girls and providing them with educational resources. This takes place in both Nigeria and in the United States as well. Donations to Kechie’s Project provide direct financial support and resources to two schools in Nigeria and the organization also provides cultural awareness programs in New York City Schools, such as Bread and Roses High School in Harlem and PS101Q Elementary School in Forest Hills. Kechie’s Project is dedicated to direct involvement with minimal administrative costs. This focused approach benefits selected children enabling their growth and providing them with future opportunity. The result is a positive effect on their community and our world community.

My son recently asked me, “Why do you help Kechie’s Project?”

After explaining the goals and accomplishments of Kechie’s Project, I then explained my role in Kechie’s Project consists of writing press releases, coordinating social media, and connecting great people to help this charity grow, he then pressed me further.

“Why help children that you don’t know?”

My answer was this: “Because I can!”

Each one of us can help with such little effort. Even a small donation provides a direct positive influence in the lives of these girls.

Kechie's Project

Kechie’s Project